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Yin Yang House Center Fees and On-Line Payments

Below you will find our fees for the services we offer. Within our center we allow cash, checks, and credit cards for payment.

You may purchase any of our services (and schedule) for yourself or your friends as gifts via our online payment/scheduling system.

Current as of September 27, 2014:

  • Acupuncture treatments generally run about an hour and include energywork (qigong), acupuncture, tuina massage, and associated techniques such as cupping and/or moxibustion if appropriate.
    • Acupuncture Treatment – $70
    • Acupuncture Treatment Group – 4 for $260 (Save $20)
  • Community Acupuncture treatments in our walk-in, sliding scale community acupuncture clinic. Brief, private consultations are offered along with acupuncture while seated in relaxing recliners within our open treatment space.
    • Community Acupuncture Treatment – $20-$45 sliding scale donation.
  • Western Massage Therapy Treatments are offered in one hour increments and the techniques used will vary based on your condition and preferences.
    • Western Massage Therapy Treatment 30 minutes – $30
    • Western Massage Therapy Treatment 1 hour – $50
    • Western Massage Therapy Treatment 1.5 hours – $85
    • Western Massage Therapy Group – 4 1 hour TX for $180 (Save $20)
  • Eastern Bodywork treatments include energywork (qigong), tuina massage, and associated techniques such as cupping if appropriate.
    • Bodywork Treatment (Eastern/Tuina) 1/2 hour – $70
  • Tai Chi Classes are offered by the class or unlimited for the month
    • Tai Chi Class Individual – $10
    • Tai Chi Class Package – $80 (for 10 classes – save $20)

Online payment/gift options are here.