Treating Children With Acupuncture – Chattanooga


Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Medicine can all be used to treat infants and children for a broad range of conditions. Our acupuncturist, Chad Dupuis, has extensive experience working with children and problems that are particular to them. While acupuncture treatments may have to be adapted slightly for children, acupuncture is generally an enjoyable experience for them and very effective.For children we will often see cases of two basic types – complicated and general. Complicated cases may include seizure disorders, various cancers, and developmental issues (both physical and mental). More general conditions are similar to those for any person – allergies, asthma, mental/focus conditions such as ADD/ADHD, but also common issues such as bedwetting.

Mr. Dupuis uses very gentle needling techniques, massage/point tapping techniques, and other techniques as appropriate. He will adapt treatments according to the age, demeanor, and condition of each child. The vast majority of children find the experience enjoyable, particularly after the first needle is inserted and they realize that there was nothing to worry about all along.

Our Massage Therapy services also include western massage techniques for both infants and children.

You should feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.