Anxiety – Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Tong Ren Testimonial

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I am grateful for many blessings that have, as of late, occurred in my life, and one of these blessings has undoubtedly been Chad Dupuis. I began seeing Chad 2+ months ago. At the time, I was feeling much anxiety in my life, and I was having burning sensations throughout my body as well as night sweats.

I am happy to say that after 6 or so acupuncture and 2 cupping treatments (after which I experience an incredible sense of well being), my anxiety level has greatly diminished, and I no longer experience the burning sensations or the night sweats.

I very much appreciate Chad’s reluctance to put clients on Chinese herbs unless he feels like they really need them and also appreciate his vast knowledge of the herbs. I have also attended Chad’s Tong Ren/Qi Gong healing sessions on Tuesday nights, and I truly lament if I have to miss one as they are very helpful and calming.

Chad is also my T’ai Chi instructor, and I must say he is one of the best and makes sure we learn it correctly. I love his way of teaching in that all students are at different levels and thus receive individual instruction versus group instruction. I learn better this way…And although only having practiced T’ai Chi for 2 months, I have already noticed some wonderful benefits as it has helped me feel very grounded and less anxious…better than yoga has made me feel after 15 years of practice!

On top of that Chad is an all around great guy and teacher – I have learned much from him.

Thanks Chad – I am forever grateful!

S. - Chattanooga

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