Live Healing Class – Qi Gong, Meditation & Tong Ren Therapy

OUR LIVE BROADCASTS ARE ON HOLD UNTIL JULY 3rd, 2018. We will be moving the times to make them fit better with our clinic needs and possibly moving the day as well. Along with that we are exploring a more solid broadcasting platform to ensure we are always on air. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this will lead to a better experience for all. See you in June!

Most Tuesdays at approximately 6:00pm EST we will start the first of our two weekly broadcasts.

Our first, from 6pm-6:30pm EST is a qi gong exercise and meditation class.

Our second, roughly 30 minutes later, starting at 7:05pm-~7:35pm EST, is an online only tong ren therapy distance healing broadcast where you can submit your personal requests for healing. Both classes are offered by Chad Dupuis, L.Ac., Certified Tong Ren Therapist since 2002.

Both classes are broadcast via facebook live and are viewable on our our facebook page here and will show up in the stream below once we go live.

To submit your healing requests, simply comment on the tongren facebook broadcast (not the qigong broadcast) when it is live or use the chat screen below at the right which allows for more anonymous healing requests (the chat window will be open from 6pm EST to 7:30pm EST so you can submit your healing requests before the tong ren section begins at 7:05pm EST).

Our healing requests chat screen is open from 5:45pm - 7:30PM EST. If you are checking during those times and you are seeing this message, please reload this page

For the tong ren therapy healing class you can submit your personal healing requests. To submit your healing requests please use the facebook comments section below the event. These will be accepted –only– during the tongren healing section of our class – approximately 6:20pm EST.

General information about the classes can be found here. Other articles of interest would be:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, or better ask them in our community forums so others may benefit from the answers.

Ideology That Drives Us… From Sun Ssu-Miao

sun_ssu_miaoChinese Medicine is a deep and complex art that has been practiced for centuries. Throughout history there have been many famous physicians who are directly responsible sun ssu miao for the advancement and continuous growth of the medicine. Without this long history of devoted practitioners, our ability, as westerners, to practice and further develop this medicine today would not exist.

What follows is a quote written by Sun Ssu-Miao, a Chinese Medicine physician, during the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). It serves to emphasize the art, science, and honesty aspects of the medicine we practice here at our center. It is a useful principle for practitioners of any form of medicine…

A Guide to Medical Workers: “The Golden Principle”

When people come to you with a serious disease and ask for help, you cannot concern yourself with whether they are esteemed or dishonorable, wealthy or poor, elderly or young, beautiful or ugly. Your care must be safe, and not swayed by whether they are your dearest family member or your adversary, your good friend or a stranger, American or foreigner, foolish or wise. In your mind’s eye each patient is on the same level, degree and class, and is treated as close as family. Your care must never by self serving or motivated by what brings good for bad fortune, or by that which is pleasing or upsetting. Your protection and care should be precisely what is necessary: no more, no less, without deference to your own safety and life. Know, in your heart, that your good deeds are sincere and not a game. Show courage but caution. Actively explore and broaden your knowledge, but stand firmly on the principles of which you are certain.

Chinese Medicine is not a “cure-all”, but it is an effective, adaptable medicine that when used properly can treat any number of conditions. There is a responsibility on the practitioners part to listen closely to the patient and use all of their skills to devise appropriate treatments.

There is also a responsibility on the patients part to involve themselves in their own health and well being. By making dietary, lifestyle, and mental changes, patients can greatly improve their health and live a more full and vibrant life.

Our hope for all of our patients is that you will not just be free from illness, but that you will learn to lead vibrant lives that enable you to grow stronger mentally and physically throughout your years.

Anxiety – Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Tong Ren Testimonial

I am grateful for many blessings that have, as of late, occurred in my life, and one of these blessings has undoubtedly been Chad Dupuis. I began seeing Chad 2+ months ago. At the time, I was feeling much anxiety in my life, and I was having burning sensations throughout my body as well as night sweats. I am happy to say that after 6 or so acupuncture and 2 cupping treatments (after which I experience an incredible sense of well being), my anxiety level has greatly diminished, and I no longer experience the burning sensations or the night sweats. I very much appreciate Chad’s reluctance to put clients on Chinese herbs unless he feels like they really need them and also appreciate his vast knowledge of the herbs.

I have also attended Chad’s Tong Ren/Qi Gong healing sessions on Tuesday nights, and I truly lament if I have to miss one as they are very helpful and calming. Chad is also my T’ai Chi instructor, and I must say he is one of the best and makes sure we learn it correctly. I love his way of teaching in that all students are at different levels and thus receive individual instruction versus group instruction. I learn better this way…And although only having practiced T’ai Chi for 2 months, I have already noticed some wonderful benefits as it has helped me feel very grounded and less anxious…better than yoga has made me feel after 15 years of practice!

On top of that Chad is an all around great guy and teacher – I have learned much from him. Thanks Chad – I am forever grateful!

S. – Chattanooga

Tai Chi Student Testimonial

I am a 49 year old woman who had let myself get out of shape and gain weight from lack of exercise and stress. When I started tai chi back in September of last year, I mainly just wanted stress relief and to gain energy. Well, I’ve gotten those two things for sure, but so much more.

I’ve lost 30 pounds over the past year and not because I’ve been on a crash diet. My eating habits have changed but, as Chad says, Tai Chi changes everything and I now believe that. I crave more healthy foods and eat in more moderation and I listen to Chad’s suggestions on dietary changes and limiting caffeine (which has been hard for me, but the increased energy due to taking Tai Chi has made it easier).

My metabolism has somehow changed in that I can now maintain this new weight with little effort (before, I had to work many hours in the gym and do much aerobic exercise to keep my weight this low). I’m toned in a way I’ve never been and I can’t quite understand how something so easy can achieve that, but it does. I haven’t gone to the gym in months, touched a weight, or taken many walks but I’m maintaining my shape and weight just by doing Tai Chi a few times a week.

I know it would be even better if I’d practice everyday (sorry, Chad!). I love Tai Chi because I’m lazy, don’t have a lot of time to work out, it relaxes me, and it works.

Hyperthyroidism – Acupuncture Testimonial

Last year, I was a new patient to acupuncture. For years I had heard about it and the benefits that go along with it. Unfortunately, it took me a very long time to get up the courage to give it a try. You see, I’ve always had a fear with needles.

I was suffering with hyperthyroidism, after the birth of my son. I was trying to regulate it through nutrition, chiropractic & massage. I would get small improvements with these, but I hit a plateau & stopped improving. My MD insisted that I get on medication for it, because my case was so bad & deteriorating quickly. I did a lot of research into it & wasn’t impressed by the poor results of the medication (not to mention I’d have to be on it for life)! I eventually got down to 94 pounds. It was very dangerous for me. I couldn’t lift my baby without straining a muscle or raising my heart rate. I thought I’d fall over every time I had to climb stairs. My heart typically felt like I could have a heart attack at any moment. I was told by another doctor if I didn’t get this under control soon, I wouldn’t be on this earth much longer.

I finally decided to overcome my “needle” fear and give acupuncture a try. I was amazed how the needles DIDN’T hurt! There was an occasional pinch, but not the pain I was expecting. My first session went very well. I was also amazed how RELAXING it was. The benefit & relaxation I experienced from acupuncture was much better than any massage I had ever received (and I have been a patient of massage for 11 years now)!

Thank God for CHAD!!! He sat down with me and always took the time to answer any question I had. He never hesitated to address my concerns. He also wasn’t willing to give up on me!

To make a very long story short, through a tough battle………….and with the continued persistence of acupuncture, nutrition & chiropractic, I no longer have a hyperthyroid problem!

Thank you so much Chad for all you’ve done to help me! You are so gifted in what you do. I know you will continue to help more & more and make changes in lives like you did mine!

Dr. C.O.

Fertility – Acupuncture Testimonial

Acupuncture was completely foreign to me. I had heard good things about it, but I “didn’t really have a reason to go.” After trying to get pregnant for about two years, I officially had a reason. I did some research and found Chad. I called and asked him a few questions to see what it was all about. I specifically remember asking him what his success rate was with helping women conceive. He chuckled and said “Well, I guess 100%. Everyone gets pregnant eventually, you just have to let your body do it’s thing.” I remember thinking that sounded really encouraging and I should give it a shot. In the two years prior to starting acupuncture, each month was a complete roller coaster. Everything seemed to revolve around my cycle. Once I started going, the first thing that I noticed was a complete sense of calm. I still wanted to get pregnant just as bad, but I had a different mind set. Everything would happen in due time, and I was feeling better than ever, simply happier, calmer and just overall better. My husband started going when he noticed the changes in me.

I am proud to say I am 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. My pregnancy has been pretty easy. Any minor issues I have had, acupuncture normally does the trick.

I cannot say enough good things about acupuncture, but specifically about Chad. You can tell he loves what he does and it shows.


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