Chattanooga Diet Counseling and Nutrition Help

Our nutritional therapist (*currently looking for a replacement*) offers individual and group diet and nutrition counseling to help a broad range of health issues. Getting your nutrition advice through modern media is often a labyrinth of conflicting opinions and advice, having a professional to walk you through and individual your needs is crucial for success.

  • What is a Nutritional Therapist/How can Nutrition Counseling help me?

Many of the modern diseases so common in our world today are a direct result of poor dietary and lifestyle habits. The goal of a nutritional therapist is to provide information and education about real foods, traditional foods, food quality, as well as the physiology of digestion.  A therapist will work one-on-one with those interested in diet change by helping them transition from a Standard American Diet to a Real Foods Diet. By “real foods” we are referring to grass-fed meats, lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, properly-prepared grains, healthy fats, and quality drinking water. Of course these foods are the ideal, and perfection is not expected.  Baby steps are the way to go, and every small effort counts.

If you feel overwhelmed by dietary trends, confused about what is the “healthy” choice, or are just ready to make a change in your eating habits, Nutritional Counseling can benefit you.

  • One on One Services:

Real Foods Consultation: This includes an evaluation of your own 3-day Food Journal, 60 minute consultation, 2 follow-up emails+recipe ideas tailored to your tastes. In this consultation we will also address proper food preparation, cooking techniques, and keys to healthy digestion — $80.

Follow-up Consultation: 30 min. If our first Real Foods Consultation has left you craving more, or you feel like you will benefit from extra guidance. $40.

Wellness Package: Real Foods Consultation + 3 follow-ups — $180 (save $20).

  • What Class Do You Offer?

Our group classes will depend on the needs of our patients and our schedule.  Current classes will be posted on our website.