Chattanooga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Classes


In addition to our other tai chi/qi gong, mediation and other community health offerings, the Yin Yang House is now offering yoga at our Chattanooga center. Classes are offered by certified instructors multiple times per week. Yoga is a well known discipline that boasts numerous physical and psychological benefits. As with disciplines like Tai Chi, the “exercises” properly done begin to flow over so to speak into ones life and have the potential to have a positive influence on our health and mental clarity but because of these changes on our interactions with others. It is the linking of postures and breathing techniques to achieve a calm mind, toned body and balance on the mat and in your everyday life.

Our center primarily offers two yoga styles – Vinyasa and Yin. Yin yoga is a slower form of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time, usually focusing on the upper body. Vinyasa yoga is the linking of body movement with breath in which the poses are synchronized with movement, primarily focusing on balance and flexibility.

Our classes and instruction is designed to accomodate both beginners of all ages and physical conditions as well as experienced practitioners.

Classes are currently $10/class or you can purchase a 10 pack for $80. Our class packs may also be used for our tai chi classes.

Our current yoga class schedule by instructor is as follows:

    • We are currently seeking a new instructor for our classes and hope to resume them soon.

  • Please arrive on time for all classes.
  • Before coming, please check the upcoming events block on the right for each week to be certain we are offering the class you are interested in.
  • Mats are available for the yoga classes, but we suggest your bring your own.