Chattanooga Center Acupuncture and Wellness Services


The goal of our center is to strengthen your body and mind with the use of complementary eastern medicine based techniques. We place a strong emphasis on getting you well and teaching you ways to maintain your health. To this end our center offers the following traditional and unique services:

At your first visit to our center we will discuss your health history and present issues in detail as well as look at your lifestyle and dietary habits and how they may contribute to your overall health and well-being. After our discussion we will form a traditional diagnosis and treatment strategy which involves the use of medical qi gong, acupuncture and bodywork. These three techniques used together will help to remove both the physical and energetic blockages which lead to poor health.

Our system views the removal of tension and blockages as a way to allow the natural healing processes and functions of the body to work efficiently thus improving your health.

After the treatment we may make dietary and lifestyle recommendations which will enable you to work towards improving your health. We also offer Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercise training classes for interested patients. These relaxing and enjoyable eastern based exercise routines have been extensively researched and are used world-wide to build immunity, improve circulation and strengthen the body.