Chattanooga Energy Healing Classes using Tong Ren Therapy


Most Tuesdays at 6:00pm our center offers a free medical qigong class utilizing the Tong Ren Therapy system of energy healing and we also practice qigong and meditation.

To attend you must reserve a space using our Online Scheduling Tool before the class.

These classes are broadcast live for those of you who cannot attend locally. Our live broadcasts include a chat program that allows you to submit healing requests.

To watch and/or participate in our live classes, follow our instructions here.

Tong Ren Therapy is an energy healing system similar in some ways to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and other forms of energy healing. Our techniques and their use with complicated medical conditions such as Cancer, MS, and Parkinsons have been covered by NBC News, Fox News, various radio programs, and studied by Harvard Medical Researchers.

The system itself comes from Master Tom Tam, an accomplished healer, acupuncturist, and martial artist with over 25 years of experience in treating cancer and other complex medical conditions. It is unique in the precision of the scientific theories which support the physical and energetic areas to focus on for various medical conditions.

For you, the participant, the class is quite simple. You come to our center, sit down and relax. One by one we will come around and ask about your particular health issues. The leader of the session and other students, when present, will work on you with our techniques and then move on to the next person.

Our system is used by practitioners around the world in our many classes and has been covered locally by the Chattanooga Times (see story). Each week thousands of people visit our classes in person and online and we have many success stories. You may also find our Tong Ren Videos, which include many video testimonials, interesting.

*** Please reserve a space for each class via our online scheduling tool. Reservations help us with planning.

Afterwards we offer a short introductory qigong exercise class that is followed by a brief meditation. The classes are offered to give you a powerful way to sustain and strengthen your health.