Live Healing Class – Tong Ren, Qi Gong and Meditation

Our Wednesday evening class is currently on hold until January 2018.

Most Wednesdays at approximately 6:30pm EST we will broadcast our Tong Ren Therapy energy healing class. The class will start with approximately 20 minutes of qi gong exercise which you can follow along with, then we will do the tong ren energy healing session where you can submit your requests for healing, and we end the class with a brief seated meditation. The entire class runs about an hour.

*** Please NOTE:  The classes may start broadcasting anywhere from 6:20-6:45pm due to constraints at our local clinic. ***

Our class is broadcast via facebook live and is viewable on our our facebook page here. When we are live the event will show and if you “like” our page you will get notices.

Our most recent class recording is viewable below:

For the tong ren therapy healing class you can submit your personal healing requests. To submit your healing requests please use the facebook comments section below the event. These will be accepted –only– during the tongren healing section of our class – approximately 6:50pm EST.

General information about the classes can be found here. Other articles of interest would be:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, or better ask them in our community forums so others may benefit from the answers.