Yin Yang House Associate Acupuncturist – Stephen Sedita, L.Ac.

Stephen Sedita, L.Ac.

  • Associate Acupuncturist
  • Tuina Therapist

Stephen is an acupuncturist with a strong background in Western science. He completed his undergraduate degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester and then spent 5 years in a PhD program for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. His area of expertise was in fMRI brain imaging studies. While working toward his PhD he became increasingly wary of the political nature of academics and at the same time increasingly drawn towards the Oriental healing arts, in large part due to his training in the martial arts. He decided to leave his PhD program (after completing all credits and working through half of his dissertation) so he could dedicate all his time and energy to learning Oriental Medicine. He earned his MS in Oriental Medicine and a BS in Health Sciences from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale. Stephen Sedita joined the Yin Yang House staff in Chattanooga as an Associate Acupuncturist in 2013. He has trained under the founder, Chad Dupuis, in their acupuncture and healing methods.

During his time at the University of Rochester he was enrolled in Tai Chi and Chinese culture classes and that began his interest in the Oriental arts. Shortly after moving to Florida for graduate school he was lucky enough to find a true master of kung fu and began serious training in authentic tiger claw style. His martial arts training also included tai chi and qi gong. Additionally he has training in Reiki and other energy healing techniques.

For as long as he can remember Stephen has wanted to work in a profession to help people. While in high school he used to shadow various doctors and departments at the local hospital and would volunteer at nursing homes. As an acupuncturist he is not only able to help people achieve better health but perhaps more importantly he can help to teach people natural and safe ways of both achieving and maintaining excellent health.

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