Chattanooga Massage Therapist – Tammy Mangum, LMT

Tammy Mangum is currently on leave.

Tammy Mangum, LMT – Tammy is from Roswell NM and has been in Chattanooga since ’96.  She is a graduate of the Miller-Motte Massage Program.  She first became interested in massage therapy in the mid 1980’s after taking a Swedish massage class with a friend but didn’t realize the major benefits until several years later from working with an injury to her back.

After her first appointment she felt more relief than anything else she had tried at the time.  Later, when it was time for a career change she decided on massage therapy because it is a beneficial and effective way to help people alleviate aches and pains without the use of medicines.  Outside of pain, the benefits that massage therapy offers with regards to reducing stress, anxiety and depression, among other problems, make it an important healing modality.

Tammy is always learning new techniques.  After noticing the effect massage had on a friend who had developed lymphedema after removal of a cancerous growth she became certified in lymphatic drainage massage.  Using the Vodder method, lymphatic massage involves manual decongestive therapy of the upper and  lower extremities and bandaging techniques for lymphedema . Overall it is a very gentle type of massage that benefits people in all stages of health.  These techniques offer benefits for the immune system, detoxification, allergies and to help speed the healing from surgeries, among other things.Currently, Tammy is studying ortho-bionomy and equine massage.

Overall, Tammy utilizes an integrative massage approach, incorporating several massage and bodywork therapies to address the specific concerns of her clients but also offers specific massage modalities at the clients request.

Tammy offers a variety of unique modalities including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports Specific Therapy
  • Cancer Patient Massage (a complementary treatment used in conjunction with other medical modalities)
  • Lymphatic massage

Tammy is licensed in the state of Tennessee to practice massage.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, or if you have questions about the center or massage therapy in general, please Contact Us.