Ideology That Drives Us… From Sun Ssu-Miao

sun_ssu_miaoChinese Medicine is a deep and complex art that has been practiced for centuries. Throughout history there have been many famous physicians who are directly responsible sun ssu miao for the advancement and continuous growth of the medicine. Without this long history of devoted practitioners, our ability, as westerners, to practice and further develop this medicine today would not exist.

What follows is a quote written by Sun Ssu-Miao, a Chinese Medicine physician, during the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). It serves to emphasize the art, science, and honesty aspects of the medicine we practice here at our center. It is a useful principle for practitioners of any form of medicine…

A Guide to Medical Workers: “The Golden Principle”

When people come to you with a serious disease and ask for help, you cannot concern yourself with whether they are esteemed or dishonorable, wealthy or poor, elderly or young, beautiful or ugly. Your care must be safe, and not swayed by whether they are your dearest family member or your adversary, your good friend or a stranger, American or foreigner, foolish or wise. In your mind’s eye each patient is on the same level, degree and class, and is treated as close as family. Your care must never by self serving or motivated by what brings good for bad fortune, or by that which is pleasing or upsetting. Your protection and care should be precisely what is necessary: no more, no less, without deference to your own safety and life. Know, in your heart, that your good deeds are sincere and not a game. Show courage but caution. Actively explore and broaden your knowledge, but stand firmly on the principles of which you are certain.

Chinese Medicine is not a “cure-all”, but it is an effective, adaptable medicine that when used properly can treat any number of conditions. There is a responsibility on the practitioners part to listen closely to the patient and use all of their skills to devise appropriate treatments.

There is also a responsibility on the patients part to involve themselves in their own health and well being. By making dietary, lifestyle, and mental changes, patients can greatly improve their health and live a more full and vibrant life.

Our hope for all of our patients is that you will not just be free from illness, but that you will learn to lead vibrant lives that enable you to grow stronger mentally and physically throughout your years.